Where is the flying angel

After Wesley Allsbrook


Where is the flying angel?


Introspection transgression

wings stretch out to the clouds

there are unspoken ripples with wind to blow you on by

simple rubber band snaps in your hair

suspenders holding you aware

my hand rolls up

your thumb folds back into mine

too many unspeakables here

do you wear a loin cloth as a mask?

Inside a floating auburn expression

the black night is highlighted by a red sparrow

chirping daydreams only to unfold swiftly once the sun falls down

my feet keep on turning away from the sky

I wish to sketch the sublime so I dont forget how blurry my thoughts have become

heavy shoulders dont notice me

leaves turn you around

your face remains hidden

which language do you speak? English, French or a mixture of heart and soul

spinning top makes me enlightened

a white feather found on the road to discovery tells me my face doesnt matter

it is only the quest for answers that lingers on

your angular veins juxtapose my responses

with no water to wet my face

I am a spartan of least spoken words

longing for freedom, I draw your name in the sand

please beware that my excess baggage is crushing me

for this though, I have left you an inheritance

a bow shoelace to tie your locks

and a way out in which to expose your eyes

so let me breathe as I hold onto to your shoulders

in this moment I realize you mean more to me than diamond studded cuff links

no longer do I guess where I belong for you have brought me home



2 thoughts on “Where is the flying angel

  1. Hannah Gosselin

    “the black night is highlighted by a red sparrow

    chirping daydreams only to unfold swiftly once the sun falls down”

    Especially this as I love the color contrasting in this portion but the entirety breathes poignantly…wow, Hala…such inspiration flowing here. Beautiful. ♥

    1. HalaHoagland Post author

      thank you Hannah, i enjoyed the color scheme as well, i am surounded various colors here, thank you again, wishing you always be surrounded by beauty


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