Soul inside my mind

Soul inside my mind by Hala Al-Logaha Hand

My soul is wrapped up inside my mind’s inner circle

Time turns tattle tales into sifted dreamers

And the world spins on an axis upside down

A perplexed rhapsodic character

Wishing well

Loss and all

She walks the catwalk like an eager prey waiting to be eaten

Living on apples and tomatoes

So frail and thin

She denies herself

No longer swept away by this and that

So frail so thin

No meat

No treat

Man loves only one woman

No matter how many he touches

So frail so thin

Still the years ahead I dread

Will I walk the dog instead?

Plod along like a vicarious volcano

Erupting onto the platform of single knighthood

Fat perpetuates indignities

I go searching in the dust for love

What happened to the love of me?

Would happened to the soul I would tear out

I am a bystander in the tremulous winds

Yet I remain grounded enough to sit here and talk to you

To take a heavy bit and swallow its bitterness whole

Where is the sweet apple pie, the biscuit to go with my coffee?

A ghost of my hidden self is calling my name

Challenging me to rise above the clouds of indecision and to remark again on passion’s wings

Throw money on the floor

I face the door

I take it out of need but my pride is wounded

It gave me a single chore

To clean up the blood in my veins

To watch out for sudden thunderstorms

To not let a hurricane shock me

To not let that hurricane of bewilderment eat me alive

It is an imposition to stop these flowing burning salted tears

To stop dying slowly inside

I wrapped my cold feet into a blanket

And I kissed the ground my mother walked on

I let the words in my flowing hips bounce

I will pick up the pieces and eat chocolat noir

I will da da

I will see Dada daddy come home

So surreal to drink from the drenched cup of ringing desire

To recall and not dizzily fall

I did not die today

My strength to overcome has brought me to you

A walk into the angst

I regret not having loved you once more

Could my kiss have revived your cold soul?

Could my deep blue sea eyes make you my immortal?

Only time told and the clock struck midnight before I looked up and you were already gone

Goodbye my lover

Goodbye my friend

May James Blunt haunt you to the end

And may that haunting revive your soul for a new love that never dies



8 thoughts on “Soul inside my mind

  1. Hannah Gosselin

    There’re so many layers to this passionate poem, Hala. Some of which resonates for me on a personal level – not to make it about me but a compliment in that this is connective tissue on an emotive level. Sometimes I wish all I had were a dog to walk, a poem to write, black coffee and nothing sweet. On the other hand I know that I would miss deeply everything that is sweet…there’s more but this is what I arrive at on first pass. Beautiful and authentically written, Hala, thank you.

    1. thelanguageofherhand Post author

      thank you so much Hannah. I am so glad it resonates with you and you can put yourself inside the lines anytime you want-thats what artist to artist communiion is all aout-we walk inside and outside eachother 🙂
      and speaking of sweet-i am desirous of that now in this fast bewteen naps and dreams


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