Tiger tiger eyes burning in the sun moon night light

Tiger tiger eyes burning in the sun moon night light by Hala

a fireball couldn’t rest

no sleep when you walk with white dwarfs

burning heat burning burning

earth isn’t burning tonight just the I’s

skins burning to a red crisp  a gentle whip removes my lips

fireflies close other windows

they prefer to jump into the water

fear rampant

shutters close tight

in the effervescent dance so bright

blinding eyes blinding eyes blinding eyes

just then a bird flies over and takes the life of this heart away to the skies

skins disappear disappear like all those years

eyes find I’s thats how they see thump thumping all around

blistering heat thump thump thump heat beats free

honking screams  flickering lights sing sing sing to me

click click click i see i see i see

no more burning me no more burning tonight

eyes set free

the skin is gone the fire dancing dancing in the fire

sun moon kiss tonight

from red shadows to yellow to fire

the world with all its delectables

not worth anything compared to the heavens

delectable traps for those who keep spirits within walls

don’t touch the earth  don’t fly in the skies no in between

the dead cement a chamber a wake for the undead

alive again in prayer tonight

seen and heard

bricks fell down tonight

window flew open burst erupted into nothing as stars failed in comparison

for if they would keep away from earth and skies

the earth will turn and the sun moon will rise

rise to spirit

stand on high

strip your spirit naked right before their eyes

it will come to you outside dead center to that window of the world

the cars will be silenced

shutters closed

no screams

no necks to strangle tonight

skin already burned spirit free

glowing presence left no need to speak

all words been said

no more breaking the already undead

owl’s yellow eyes flew by tonight

that’s the one that threw you against the walls across the floors tonight

be afraid be very afraid they said in this great sign of fright

fear trembles but then subsides

tongueless appreciation turned into love

tonight each bone disappears into the air

no bones left to break

skin already burned burned to a crisp

just spirit flies free tonight

ashes ashes ashes everywhere blown into the wind

so many names from which to call

the sunmoon out calls thy name tonight

praise God, from Him we came and to Him we shall return

no blood spilling tonight, just praises of spirit within




6 thoughts on “Tiger tiger eyes burning in the sun moon night light

  1. Hannah Gosselin

    To me this feels ethereal and although it feels light and airy it flips to heavy and raw in a breath…very befitting of the topic at hand. I love the way that you bring sun and moon together in the end by taking out that space and creating one word…such a powerful and beautiful statement to close on as well. I enjoyed reading this, Hala…thank you.

      1. Hannah Gosselin

        Hmm…I find that so intriguing…I’m sorry that you were going through such a hard time then…I wonder sometimes if planetary alignment and all of that galactic stuff doesn’t have more of an impact on us than we know. Makes me ponder.

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