Now this night I talk asunder

Now this night I talk asunder by Hala Al-Logaha Hand
I contemplate the riveting river moon
Its song
Its twangy awareness
I count the stars and my eyes send darts across the sky
Claiming spirals of the dark circles of light for my own
I feel the pleasures of a star gazer
All the compassion of the body’s twisted contortions
I tried to talk sense into matrimony
But it still died and went by the wayside
I am trying to let go of your eyes even though I secretly despise
I am conflicted
I let go of time and space
Of disgrace
I stand tall
My heart feels like it is wrapped up into barbed wire
Yet still I stand tall
I will not fall
I call not dive into the eternal abyss
I drift into a thunderess rhapsody
I pray
The solemn tunes of God’s great ear play out to me
I long to hold my face against the wind
To ride horses
To be a water lily oscillation
To gather clouds within my arms
To love unconditionally all the sentient beings
I forgive you old friend
For the beats you applied against my skin
Formidable I raise above all this
But it’s time my poor old heart moves on
Its tender absence can no longer hold onto such disgrace
So for now I speak to all notorious historic beings
My hour has come
I stand tall
Forgive me for I can longer handle this matrimonial disgrace
Goodbye old friend and good luck
May merriment follow you always


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