The playing Cards Table


 For Magpie Tales-The playing cards table by Hala Al-Logaha Hand


The playing cards table is neatly stacked against me

Its perpetual dream tells me that I am a stranger to myself

I need not handle my skin, my chin in estranged emotion

I long for that green apple to awaken my being

For the dried rose to decompose my soul

To drift into wonder landscapes

I carefully master my master

I look deeply into his eyes and I realize his soul still belongs to me

I am his caretaker

His stop on the railroad

I lay out these cards and I stare predominately into viewless space

Without disgrace

I proclaim I am free of you

I am free to be a realized woman

To walk strong on these streets

To walk proud and alone

And for that my friend I end, I end this daggle monster and I cry in the recesses of my mind

Won’t these drugs recognize me?

Won’t the pain medication make me forget?

Yes it will and I will survive and thrive and for that my friend we remain united to the endImage


17 thoughts on “The playing Cards Table

  1. Hannah Gosselin

    I love the sense of breaking free and realizing true self in this piece. Excellent response to this image…I’m glad you posted the image after…your words are rich in comparison and leave space to imaginings.


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