Soldier Come Home


Talk back to a poem-Red wolf Poems

After John Michael Flynn                                                 

Soldier Come Home by (Hala) Al-Logaha Hand


It is an ace of spades

Cankerous heart

A fire escape into believer’s bewilderment

Dance and drink into the danger zone

Seized by the collar I divide into incessant wonder

Poverty claims crimes of the mind

Yearning currents deliver the mastermind of core belligerence

Help me pump the gas back to the horse’s stables

Economize sharing

Dreamer is necessary-walking the plank of desire

Eat at an Automat-write like the wind

Of friend of the unwanted

Hill sounds ring in my ear and I long for passionate kisses

What kind of prick would leave us lonely?

Vets for the war of love and peace

You shot me a big bellied glance and I shook my head all the way down home

Blocked ambition keeps me coming back for more

Won’t the river sail my sales and give me peace of mind?

Cherubic leer keeps changing places with the Thor of yesterday

However, never fear for it is dwarfed honor that will save the day and bring the soldiers the love of self so cherished by the unabandoned

Come home young and old-for the sands call your name-relive sanctity and believe in final deliverance



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