Poem Soul

Cooking Time

Lilacs sauté time like a two timing dinosaur boiling his soul

The giraffe scoops up pity and begins to bake a video of non-sensical marinades

Then the plug whips up serenity

While frying seeds for wonder makes muscles cut into integrity

Blowing open windows to make mincemeat of sacred cows and shock dreams that don’t suffocate whims

It builds cuts that stir dominions and leaves horses to heat up a room full of human observers

Passion cows remain

Cats purr

Theory dangles the passion into dangerous dissecting bones

Delivering stones to fly against tea totaling

People are always sipping apple juice to divide castigating against moral ground

Till 8 I weep

I define chopping woods with broken fingers

Tae Kwon Do destruction

To blunder is to go bleeping mad

To whisper mincemeat and sweet potato pie

To blast open envelopes of simple ants that build fantastic palaces of strong indication

A tincture for all the world to see

For nature is to boil eggs into a shaken mind  



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