Poem Soul take Two

Poem soul by (Hala) Al-Logaha Hand

The irises of soul remain

To speak loudly they say I am crazy

Do they not see that I am burning?

The pages are not yet set into stone for me, they whither against tempered sea shells with an incised moon raging against the machine

I hit the wall

I was insulted for I am a proud woman

I am not a charity case

Would not your blood boil if you sacrificed everything mind, body and spirit just to be loved?

To then be spit out like an unwanted piece of garbage

Who is crazy but the happy feather?

The drifter who always smiles

The trash man searching for a hidden treasure who always helps an old lady crosses the street

Who is the crazy man who bangs metal cans on rooftops at midnight?

Laughs and sings that ‘The man’ will brought to justice

What does ones eye see, except the sandman coming home for a free meal in exchange for a smile that lights the world?

It is beauty in its simplest form

Raining form in fact

Am I not free to be raging against the machine?

Nine inch nails perspective, ha!

How can I push down all that grows inside me?

My body is barely a strong enough vessel to hold me

I explode then I laugh from deep within the confines of my heart, I keep no grudges, I always forgive and forget

Will not sense and sensibility still apply to me?

Cannot I be sane even when it all rains down on me?


2 thoughts on “Poem Soul take Two

  1. scotthastiepoet

    Hi Hala, My first time here and this caught me especially – brave, open and ambitious work. The self revealing quality in your work, together with your yearning is to be much admired… Glad to have tripped over you at last – it was meant, for sure… With Best Wishes Scott

    1. thelanguageofherhand Post author

      Hi Scott,
      I am so Happy you liked this one as it was itching and screaming to be born. I am so happy to have found your and your work today too, I hope to read you more and more keep in touch best wishes Hala n i think it was meant to be 🙂


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