Poem Baby

Poem Baby

I am water works raining on a cloud

I feel my limbs weak with jealousy

The baby in my arms feels love even though she isn’t mine

She strikes a chord within my tender proclamation

I feel her loveliness

I walk the blank plank with bastard joy

Today is a day for longing

For going forth into the wild

For seeing a child’s soft skin remind me of an earlier moment when caresses meant time didn’t have to stop

When all is lost to the wind

When striking clocks reminds of rancor and deeply seated angst

To me my wind chimes alarm thunder

The light breeze brings closeness to a game of chance

A place where the night double crosses itself

Where white dwarf stars remain cold and distant

Diamonds in the sky

Where do we go in the shivering drink of wine of the soul?

Dancing like a whirling dervish

I cry dry tears

Joy ever expanding




Calling out to God

Hear me creator

Grandeur unites

My limbs fall down as I unite body with spirit

I step outside sanity

Will not the adorned wizard let sorcery drink felt pens?

Ink of despised menace

I dream

When I wake it is not reality that I find but a sense of searching

I fall as my eyes remain stapled shut

Will not the tempered individual divide?

What can provide further suspense but a pondering belief that all is good in the world?

Some say God does not exist

But I say look at my womb and how hormones fuel my fires and you will have all the proof that you need

That a creator divines insolence and a devil drives money to the root of all evil

We are all one in the end

Division isn’t permanent

I say it once and for all; I will always believe that all will be well in the end and for that my friend I say good day and good riddance to negative slamming against the wall

For we shall overcome….



13 thoughts on “Poem Baby

  1. brian miller


    so much to take in, in this one…

    the baby in the arms and not your own…the use of bastard just a little later…pushes me toward compassion and made me think of those that care for the children of others as if they were their own…

    today is a day for the wild…ha…love it…and the stepping out of sanity a bit later…to see reality…

    the eyes still being stapled shut and unable to see…

    we are all one, and division is never permanent no matter how we try to break it…

  2. thelanguageofherhand Post author

    Thank you Brian and yes reality is a stepping stone to dignity. I was thinking of all the children thrown away in need of adopting and how reality stirs us against it even through our hearts would lead us to it

  3. Bridge2Vision

    Awesome line this: “That a creator divines insolence and a devil drives money to the root of all evil”

    Yes, we will overcome. Your writing here holds the real in reality and wraps it in a truth I hold dear – we are all one, we choose the focus of who we are – perfection. Thanks for a wonderful read this morning.

    1. thelanguageofherhand Post author

      I think I am feeling my own desperate need to care for more babies that are abandoned and unloved by their original parents. I cant have my more of own kids and their is an anger and wondering of morality there that carries on in my soul, thank you Bjorn for picking up on that, i wish you a lovely day

  4. Glenn Buttkus

    Humans are unique in their separateness, no two cookies cut exactly the same, times millions of years, times trillions of lives & personalities. How do we of the open hearts find a compassionate way to deal with those others who put newborns in dumpsters, on church steps, on ice flows, up for adoption. Yes, we are all one (species), but with multi-diversified perspectives on survival & morality. Priests will tell you that you have tackled one of the biggest paradoxes of mankind.

  5. Victoria C. Slotto

    There is so much beauty and poignancy in this. The line that first grabbed me was that baby in your arms and then the references to the dervishes and the implied sanctuary of the womb…deeply spiritual affect.

    1. thelanguageofherhand Post author

      Thank you Victoria, I am deeply wanting to dance like a dervish these days, I used to do it a lot and it is really allover releaving and releasing, I am hoping for a spiritual revival

  6. Grace

    I admire the positive attitude in the end ~ You have a rich language specially this part:

    To me my wind chimes alarm thunder
    The light breeze brings closeness to a game of chance
    A place where the night double crosses itself

    A pleasure to read your words tonight ~


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