Marshaling the Cat dance


Marshaling the Cat dance by (Hala) Al-Logaha Hand

Cat brings in a poisonous snake

Yet snake doesn’t penetrate

It stalks like a predatorily giant

Whimpering to the public it cries

Standing on all 4 paws

Embarking on a journey of oneness

The mouse almost always escapes its tempered ways

She is a carnivorous morph

Cat purrs at the courageous strokes of a little princess

Licking her hair she sweats butterflies





They go to town

Caterpillar is asleep on her seething skin





Slowly tongue kissing

Cat gets hit on the head with a blatant idea and dies one of its nine lives

It makes gentle love to itself

She drinks warm water and her tongue licks squeaky clean her open wounds from another catfight

It is a spiritual bath on a mountain of striking realism

Magical forest consumes this giant fur ball

We all carry on fighting our beloved

Even cat skin isn’t immune to degradation

Blasted torment

Won’t it stalk a stranger instead?

Geriatric manipulation

So much angst from years of weathering the heights of others’ pissy ways

Cat purrs/drips/sweat laps itself into a shiny coat

Caress her like a tantric lover and she will be eternally yours

Bite her and she will leave monsters in the sheets

Walk the plank and be forever warned

She purrs as she is about to strike her unaware prey

If you’re a mouse-get lost in wonderland

For dinner time changes us all except if your Alice or her cat

Let us not be squandered into the backseat of a tyrant’s car

But butter a fly and gently walk into the naked streets- a purple haired mistress of the night-marrying Siamese and marching as a marshal of integration-a new world order at the height of man-as her pets are perpetually aware that this is not the end but the beginning of strange sounds that go bump in the night



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