Da Da Chocolat Noir

Da Da Chocolat Noir by (Hala) Al-Logaha Hand


Meeting of the family

The magazine prolongs

Le chocolat noir

Source of vitamins


Pour Femme

Fleur d’or

Da da dat


Solutions to da da

Numerique hacking

La Rue

Deposed retour

Sending acts of joy

Cheveux l’histoire

Da da do

Operation pas d’excuse

Il est satellite

Actual bulldozer

Da da palais

Enter le marteau

L’enclume truffes au chocolat

Eclaboussée référence

Les parents crise

Annule da da dat

Des rares en bonne santé

To good health we rise

Son-les artistes maladies

Absent-da da doo

Empéché culture

Centres plaidoyer

Formation da da

Débridez fatigue

Du mondial au main réinvestissent

De parler da da

Prémature psychologue

D’adolescence le soir

Finale da da dat

Soupcan ajoute da da

De pour des da da dat



25 thoughts on “Da Da Chocolat Noir

  1. MarinaSofia

    Ooh, interesting mash-up of languages, rhythms and ideas – were you reading a French magazine at the time, by any chance? I like the dada sound vibrating throughout the poem.

  2. brian miller

    ha. probably the most pure dada poem of the night…there are a few solid lines….that keep a vein of coherence running through it in my opinion which gives the reader just a little push to actually try and read meaning into it….ha. it was a fun read…that is for sure….smiles.

  3. claudia

    nice.. i see you had a french newspaper and some english snippets…works well…and you had me at Le chocolat noir… actually… i love dark chocolate….hmmmm

  4. Glenn Buttkus

    One must be suspect of anyone who does not adore dark chocolate or Dada poetics. Your brilliant pastiche of sounds in French & English, punctuated by the Da da da percussionist accompaniment really impressed me. Many of us are not bilingual, so we missed some of the subtlety of the piece; but what your poem does for me is make me doubly proud to be a small part of the international throng of creativity that constitutes dVerse.

  5. Victoria C. Slotto

    Love the fact that you used the French newspaper as Dada was important in France and then included English and random sounds. Very Dada! Thanks for bringing this. And congrats on your win.

    1. thelanguageofherhand Post author

      thanks Bjorn, yes I was thrilled to use an Algerian paper, do another one using a Swedish paper, it is great fun and so fulfilling an exercise, I am glad you liked the end, I really like your Latin sounds too


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