The Great political mirror

The Great political mirror by (Hala) AL-Logaha Hand


Ask me if a map smokes?

revealing several spots on teeth of leaves and trees

it is a lapse of voter’s pleas

shall they run again?

A fourth and final time or so we hope

pastel pleats reverse the way

selecting an inspector 29’s tiles

won’t you wait just a while

it is a tricep in a crisis

crisper than a tasty treat

can’t you retreat indigently

protest marker we stand aware on an Arab Spring

in a secret erected tower we stare

then they ask the question-where and when will power stop grinding its eager beaver teeth and come to a crunching end

spirals of peace is restless

the government hands out favors

a relic of the past-how long will it last?

the handcrafted clerk will wear a garlanded frock

will it still pay to have a dividend then

a flagrant look at checks and balances

it etches the character of grand golf strokes

frankly, they say gold speaks louder than words

and to whom is this strike on humanity to be blamed?

so crack the chalked cloth open wide and look inside

did the arched ranch have a crystal chandelier?

oh dear-over paid and underworked

we should all digress to such base means


just glance at the chart and see who is the winner?

did you charge Frank what Hart would have paid?

it is the monk’s cue to a square root of a sunken treasure chest

who will claim it and rule the world?

where are the saints when we need them?

it is a tax write off that widely exceeds expectations

hoping for time to stand still

-a grandfather clock shakes awake an old man in arms

where can a rat eat and a mouse cheat?

except with under the table wages

for us we are reminded of a discreet insider secret’s war as a lust for power

it is a sacrifice made fine on a silver platter

what does it matter?

i say it once with a strong voice

it should never be replaced or denied again

yet these stories are the same for time immemorial

it doesn’t take a millionaire to know

we all see the same sun setting

so in the spring, freedom rings and our voice is heard throughout the endless herds

till tomorrow we sing

our foot one marker to the ground


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