The heat of a pivotal love-Poem after Amour Fou

The heat of a pivotal love by Al-Logaha Hand


Striking the seed

Reach out into the plentiful field of desire

Dangling I dream

I can’t stand still when you linger far away from me

Your eyes hidden rent asunder

I feel the window beating from the late night breeze

My eyes are heavy with tears

Why won’t you touch me???

You are close enough to touch but I can not feel your heat

My ear is laden with metal

The swimming nature of the jewelry that sits calls out to the rage within me

It is displaced by my swinging hips

My chest breathes like a amour is suffocating its essence


Star struck and captured by a fighting sun set

Letting loose of a love gone wrong

You loved everyone but me

You touched a stranger and my eyes wept from the heat of misunderstanding

Swarming bees sing about the sweat dripping from my pores as I throw water to breathe silently knowing your blank stare could kill me

Can I not call out to you

I sleep with a heavy head transparent to the dust on the ground that makes my eye water and you blame the drugs

You scratch my heart and it hurts

Who will care for me if my body leaves itself in the illness of time and recovers not from spinning turnips

The ghost looses itself and I wonder

Will I transform into a sapless spinster or will the heat of my love transform my lover into an eager transpondent?

Till now I walk

On the hot surface of deep African roots

On coals that last hours




Beginning I go first

Will my lips wake you up?

Will not the relentless sun speak?

Will not a yogi sufi ear save me?

Letting my body fall down onto a whispering copybook

Let the letters spill out till my home speaks for my freedom from your torturous ways

I am eager to be heard

Let the peaches that fill my tummy speak volumes of the years I have waited for you

And let dedication be the pondering medicine that claims my being as we make love an angel and time a claim for it means to be a proud covered woman, laying claim that God’s laws have made us free while you claim my soul I walk alone proud that you didn’t kill me but that I am saved by the dream of you


18 thoughts on “The heat of a pivotal love-Poem after Amour Fou

  1. Hannah Gosselin

    Your writings are filled-to-brimming with such intensity of soul-speak…straight from the depths. The longing and pain in this are so tangible and I enjoy the setting that you’ve brought to the page here as well…especially the part that feels like an early-alone walk in the rising sun above those ancient African roots. Beautiful writing indeed, thank you for sharing this. 🙂

      1. Hannah Gosselin

        It certainly did but not in an overdone manner…this is balanced, it holds the emotions, the scene and the character all in fluid balance. I like the varied length of lines you employ as well. I’m so glad to be of help to you for I feel the same way about your feedback…thank you so much…I wish I had a first name for you though but I’d understand if you don’t like to share that about yourself. 🙂

    1. Hannah Gosselin

      I had missed this comment…I’m glad I traced my steps back to find it! If that’s okay with you I would like to address you by your name, thank you for sharing it with me, Hala! I hope you’re having a nice few days and that the heat is bearable. 🙂

      1. Hannah Gosselin

        That is beautiful…this speaks to the way that I feel as well about spirituality…for me it is more about that aspect of it than the religion part of it. If that makes sense.

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