Celestial Upbringing

Celestial upbringing


Nothing is perfect in the sound waves of time

Pink green illuminati

Spacetime liquid feel

I see a piece of the Lochness Monster

Revealed in a purple sky

Limelight over a castle storm

Rocks become diamonds against the waves

Acid green trees shine at dawn

During the evening bright we all shine into silver sensation

Glory be to the continuum

Rain-bow alerts the sun-set is gone


All across the turning of Aurora Borealis

Oh Aurora enlighten me like you did as you played my doll in childhood

Help me to escape this earth bound misfit-ism

And become one while uniting earth and sky

Angel falls into the universal bosom


Waving goodbye to sense and priority and saying hi to a new prophesy

A watery sea of belief changing hearts to something ethereal

Carrying delight in a cosmological feasting eye candy

Colour everywhere


Sprinkling new species of life with each passing day

Holding out for a miracle

The sword is drawn and the rose makes my heart bleed

But for this time it is nothing less than sublime and what I hold as we enter infinity 


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