Dali and Me-A mysterious relative

Mysterious relative by Al-Logaha Hand

The people will not fly in an emergent wasteland

The triangle museum is on the elephant’s back

Counts seconds between rhythms of a trumpet’s snores

The man halters a giant steed

As horseshoes make for good welcome mats

Stunned into believing that dreams are never dead, long legs hold the cherab tall

Whispering against time in the eastern hemisphere

Native clouds leave droplets of mist to form an abyss

I see the castle making space for my long lost aunt

She disappeared like a Lochness monster

Her name is all she left behind

And oh ya, they say her face is in mine

While my heart sees the bosom of a tranquil chalice

They say my aunt can see the fortune of others

The connection to the earth is through sky’s mission workers

While I lean in and breathe through the trunk of an elephant

My aunt is still there and with still eyes I realize she stole the occult sensation of her mysterious abandon

In my soul’s tavern, I mix up a cold drink and reside in a metamorphosis of a Saturn ring



One thought on “Dali and Me-A mysterious relative

  1. Hannah Gosselin

    “Stunned into believing that dreams are never dead, long legs hold the cherab tall”

    I love the sound play throughout especially in this with dead/legs and abandon/tavern…lots of abstract imagery and concrete dance together here…I like the idea of the aunt’s face being passed down. Great writing!


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