The Otter and the Old Fisherman

The otter and the old fisherman by Al-Logaha Hand

It is an evening star

Docked next to the starting point

An artistic vision dissecting the notion of love

A crook that steals your heart making you walk sideways

I curve my index finger and lace an innocent worm on a dangling hook

Among the nights hallucinations of star struck soda pop celebs are surfacing

It isn’t wanton love when the sun sets in orange and purple hues

An edifice of sparkling water’s truth

The circle is in the foreground and I am there feeling square

A rectangular farce of wisdom stalking the next lunar eclipse

It is then that the otter sees a boat coming

Stripped of its outer worth

Still he throws a sentimental glance at the old fisherman who sets all his fish free

With him no one has to die except maybe a few aging worms

The years are being stolen from his sullen face

Where in a trance has his smile gone?

The otter waits patiently being used to painting with his toes

A palette of self-respect is set up

All the colors set roaming against the sands of time

But you can not kill a good idea

Its surface is in a brush that floats upon the seas of thought provoking moments

Along the murky waterways the fisherman and the otter oscillate what strangers might call a tender embrace

Wallowing in the spirals of a mind the otter learns the ropes of being human

Swimming upstream telling the world we are one

We are all coiling up against the struggle to survive

It is better if we become used the notion of love for its own sake

With that we roil at the idea of forever

Being together and not separated by a lonely heart or indifference

But to stand at once alive in the caretaker’s relevance



3 thoughts on “The Otter and the Old Fisherman

      1. Hannah Gosselin

        Oh, wow…that puts a new facet on this piece. thank you for sharing. 🙂 Vegan is a healthful way when done properly…I have a friend who is a successful vegan.

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