Another stroll with Salvador Dali, “Seeing past his face”

Seeing past his face by Al-Logaha Hand

Raven speaks at least one syllable before the last

Standing on the column of an inferno of labor

The arch curves my wisdom tooth

You know the one, the one that always grows in sideways thinking it knows better than your jaw

Unsure of where it belongs till it’s gone

Look his whiskers turn angles into spruce trees

A magnetized old man would carry the beard of a timeless land

Eyes and face meet the opening of space

Eye can sea your I in my neck holding a cane to the divine order

She swaddles her baby in a nursing gown

Her skirt is his neck’s cape

Only eyes can C where I am going

Someone waits behind the gate

Hoping to not let any strangers begin the trance of circumstance for there is a chance they will not return the same

For it’s all in how you look at things

One minute you think you know everything and the next you realize you know nothing at all

It’s a surprise wake-up call

In fall when leaves would leave the stone gravel alone

It is time for the sunset to rain on us supple nuance and to wear this dress with pride

Knowing your skin was once within gives me the courage to carry on indefinitely into a sleeping dog’s tender embrace

Going into the next stage of life a princess of light waiting for the day you’ll spend eternity with me





5 thoughts on “Another stroll with Salvador Dali, “Seeing past his face”

  1. Hannah Gosselin

    This is tender and surreal…I love the flow and transitions…what you say without directly saying, giving your readers space to wonder. Excellent and mysterious piece…well done! 🙂

    1. thelanguageofherhand Post author

      thank you Hannah, I am really glad the mystery seeps through in this one, I was trying again to commune with Salvador Dali’s essence in his work, I appreciate the softness of his details

  2. margo roby

    The collection of imagery catches me up each time I read through. As Hannah says ‘giving your readers space to wonder’. Now, excuse me while I head back up to look at my favourite images.

    1. thelanguageofherhand Post author

      Thank you Margo, I keep trying to go deeper and bring in the connection of reader to reader, the author capturing the same side of audience. I am really glad you liked this one


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