Roots and Raindrops

A wonderful tribute to Maya Angelou, May she rest in peace

Metaphors and Smiles


The heavens will rejoice

with gaining a new poetic angel

but for now this canopy is impossibly sullen

not even the promise of sun is hung

as a ghostly silver orb in the rain stained sky.

Jaded Jay sits silent on the wire,

a dove pair stares blankly

fluffing their feathers against this unending drizzle;

solemnly quiet they speak soundlessly

a fluent somberness

a mourning song that pierces

straight through this gray day heart.

The wide trunks of the woods are dyed –

dark with precipitation

they stand sentry in this forest,

stately examples to the many sapling

rising in garrulous green apparel at their feet.

The next generation of word puzzlers spring up,

joyfully they gather at the knees of their wise elders;

honor and beauty to behold in these strong trees.

At the core her heart beats on endlessly,

at the center her life’s roots reach out…

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2 thoughts on “Roots and Raindrops

  1. Hannah Gosselin

    Thank you for sharing this tribute to Maya and I appreciate your interest in my work.

    Incidentally..I’ve made a few small revisions to this poem this morning. There were some word choices that didn’t feel quite right.

    Thank you again. 🙂


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