A response to a Day’s Remarks, a painting by Yasmina Saadoun

A day’s remarks poetry by AL-Logaha Hand

After Yasmina Saadoun, A collaborative exercise


Moving by a lunar calender

I spin the perpendicular bottles of effervescent perfume

it takes time to work out a purple sphere of splendid dreams

waiting for the stars to play tic tac toe

she stands a winner next to a calico cat pattern

a dress with the sky imprinted on her heart

all the fragrance of legacy stands near

they see the yellow hue of the sun engraving earthen leaves

you see a queen they say

your tender crown laced around your wrists

it sparkles in the new world

I carry on through the spaces

to be lapped up with a missing tear

the veil of you lifts me to nearby mountain trances

I long to see your eyes wink back at me

to be mesmerized as you are by the sun knocking on my door

the entrance to power

to a room with a view

lest we not be devoured by navy blue enchantment

a wave of the sea in me


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