To Begin Again

To begin again by Al-Logaha Hand

brown face spots and moles inside a sun’s consistent symmetry
it’s an impulse to carve fingerprints into wooden statues
an ecstacy of moral standards
lost horizon has a sister of mourning on hallowed ground
an Altar built to the God of us all
wet concrete seeks to imprison a memory of life otherwise forgotten
when i drink coffee the light comes on and illuminates a pondering of graced lyrical reason
a reasonable assumption
considering its over the hill and around the corner
found alone at once bitten by the snake of decadence
learning to decide to start over
as the dust clears
it appears tranquility is apparent
a parent to my inner artist child
a ventured soul seeking to see the light of day
writing lines without unequal temperance
a poetical rebirth
once buried under the snowflakes of five minutes ago
no two alike
so shall you and i be willed
free at last


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