The Air Still Circles

After Salvador Dali 1960, Chair with wings of a vulture

The air still circles by Al-Logaha Hand

she captures the air
her face shining in the mirror
candles light the sky
in every way I ask the spoon to represent my mouth that is closed to the world
my wings spread long and wide
still life legs are the pegs of external chair apparatas
I dream of God and the birds when things go missing
I speak and they understand
I do not pretend to know the world
but the light is there
however my heart has gone somewhere else to rest
disturbed by the false notion of security
i cannot hold onto to the computer missing from my arms
limbs unseeen
of which have become a feathered design
the kind of bird that eats others’ dead
strings carry me home
where I am at once abscent
it is a copacetic injunction
emotion made pallid from the lack of illumination
I cry for my missing heart
it ran away with my limbs
the tonality of my soul is all that is left
and here i am in a chair with the wings of a vulture
caught in Dali’s dreamquest
I swim upstream
and I am glad that I wasnt had
but I am still in the midst of a daring delusion
counter reality
waiting for an Eta Aquarid meteor shower to become the square of pegasus
i am still
i do not know when to see the birds again
for they hear me when i call
i seen a bird wink at me
seeing through the bread crumbs i spread on the floor
so i better metamorphasize and hear what they have to say
having my alter ego repent before the end of circumstance
a wanderer I remain
one thousand times I see the presence of the sun
when lightning strikes the world
piercing within an eye of a needle
bewitching the eye of an I beholder
bending time to make one last call home



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