After Seraphine painting by Al-Logaha Hand

look into the eye
see a stranger
the eye lid closes and unites chaos with freedom
climbing the soul tree
paisley feathers join in the march
a bird cries
a feather flies and the eye once again opens wide
seeing through the difficult patterns of mess
a streaming waterfall manages to find its way through
substance realized
this cluster of stars ignites fire
a glowing presence trans-formed into the mind’s I
a place of distance and essential belonging
however far you are out of society
who can tell when the mind will sit
and the heart celebrate oneness
disturbed by the lack of attention
you run into the wall
instead of falling paint the canvas thin I say
i was just sitting here wondering why the heat permeates the rain forest
so we dissolve the weary traveler
and mumble a few words of condolences
for surely someone is dying while i give birth to my awakening
together we give sanity a run for its money
we gather diamonds and emeralds
and we let the world trespass sins and all
for if we recall a day without our art we might as well just depart
given a chance to sever creativity we would rather die
so to that we say hello and goodbye to the nonsensical world
and pour our hearts onto the page

by Yasmina Saadoun, my sister in law

by Yasmina Saadoun, my sister in law


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