Where is the flying angel

After Wesley Allsbrook


Where is the flying angel?


Introspection transgression

wings stretch out to the clouds

there are unspoken ripples with wind to blow you on by

simple rubber band snaps in your hair

suspenders holding you aware

my hand rolls up

your thumb folds back into mine

too many unspeakables here

do you wear a loin cloth as a mask?

Inside a floating auburn expression

the black night is highlighted by a red sparrow

chirping daydreams only to unfold swiftly once the sun falls down

my feet keep on turning away from the sky

I wish to sketch the sublime so I dont forget how blurry my thoughts have become

heavy shoulders dont notice me

leaves turn you around

your face remains hidden

which language do you speak? English, French or a mixture of heart and soul

spinning top makes me enlightened

a white feather found on the road to discovery tells me my face doesnt matter

it is only the quest for answers that lingers on

your angular veins juxtapose my responses

with no water to wet my face

I am a spartan of least spoken words

longing for freedom, I draw your name in the sand

please beware that my excess baggage is crushing me

for this though, I have left you an inheritance

a bow shoelace to tie your locks

and a way out in which to expose your eyes

so let me breathe as I hold onto to your shoulders

in this moment I realize you mean more to me than diamond studded cuff links

no longer do I guess where I belong for you have brought me home


Soul inside my mind

Soul inside my mind by Hala Al-Logaha Hand

My soul is wrapped up inside my mind’s inner circle

Time turns tattle tales into sifted dreamers

And the world spins on an axis upside down

A perplexed rhapsodic character

Wishing well

Loss and all

She walks the catwalk like an eager prey waiting to be eaten

Living on apples and tomatoes

So frail and thin

She denies herself

No longer swept away by this and that

So frail so thin

No meat

No treat

Man loves only one woman

No matter how many he touches

So frail so thin

Still the years ahead I dread

Will I walk the dog instead?

Plod along like a vicarious volcano

Erupting onto the platform of single knighthood

Fat perpetuates indignities

I go searching in the dust for love

What happened to the love of me?

Would happened to the soul I would tear out

I am a bystander in the tremulous winds

Yet I remain grounded enough to sit here and talk to you

To take a heavy bit and swallow its bitterness whole

Where is the sweet apple pie, the biscuit to go with my coffee?

A ghost of my hidden self is calling my name

Challenging me to rise above the clouds of indecision and to remark again on passion’s wings

Throw money on the floor

I face the door

I take it out of need but my pride is wounded

It gave me a single chore

To clean up the blood in my veins

To watch out for sudden thunderstorms

To not let a hurricane shock me

To not let that hurricane of bewilderment eat me alive

It is an imposition to stop these flowing burning salted tears

To stop dying slowly inside

I wrapped my cold feet into a blanket

And I kissed the ground my mother walked on

I let the words in my flowing hips bounce

I will pick up the pieces and eat chocolat noir

I will da da

I will see Dada daddy come home

So surreal to drink from the drenched cup of ringing desire

To recall and not dizzily fall

I did not die today

My strength to overcome has brought me to you

A walk into the angst

I regret not having loved you once more

Could my kiss have revived your cold soul?

Could my deep blue sea eyes make you my immortal?

Only time told and the clock struck midnight before I looked up and you were already gone

Goodbye my lover

Goodbye my friend

May James Blunt haunt you to the end

And may that haunting revive your soul for a new love that never dies


Tiger tiger eyes burning in the sun moon night light

Tiger tiger eyes burning in the sun moon night light by Hala

a fireball couldn’t rest

no sleep when you walk with white dwarfs

burning heat burning burning

earth isn’t burning tonight just the I’s

skins burning to a red crisp  a gentle whip removes my lips

fireflies close other windows

they prefer to jump into the water

fear rampant

shutters close tight

in the effervescent dance so bright

blinding eyes blinding eyes blinding eyes

just then a bird flies over and takes the life of this heart away to the skies

skins disappear disappear like all those years

eyes find I’s thats how they see thump thumping all around

blistering heat thump thump thump heat beats free

honking screams  flickering lights sing sing sing to me

click click click i see i see i see

no more burning me no more burning tonight

eyes set free

the skin is gone the fire dancing dancing in the fire

sun moon kiss tonight

from red shadows to yellow to fire

the world with all its delectables

not worth anything compared to the heavens

delectable traps for those who keep spirits within walls

don’t touch the earth  don’t fly in the skies no in between

the dead cement a chamber a wake for the undead

alive again in prayer tonight

seen and heard

bricks fell down tonight

window flew open burst erupted into nothing as stars failed in comparison

for if they would keep away from earth and skies

the earth will turn and the sun moon will rise

rise to spirit

stand on high

strip your spirit naked right before their eyes

it will come to you outside dead center to that window of the world

the cars will be silenced

shutters closed

no screams

no necks to strangle tonight

skin already burned spirit free

glowing presence left no need to speak

all words been said

no more breaking the already undead

owl’s yellow eyes flew by tonight

that’s the one that threw you against the walls across the floors tonight

be afraid be very afraid they said in this great sign of fright

fear trembles but then subsides

tongueless appreciation turned into love

tonight each bone disappears into the air

no bones left to break

skin already burned burned to a crisp

just spirit flies free tonight

ashes ashes ashes everywhere blown into the wind

so many names from which to call

the sunmoon out calls thy name tonight

praise God, from Him we came and to Him we shall return

no blood spilling tonight, just praises of spirit within



Now this night I talk asunder

Now this night I talk asunder by Hala Al-Logaha Hand
I contemplate the riveting river moon
Its song
Its twangy awareness
I count the stars and my eyes send darts across the sky
Claiming spirals of the dark circles of light for my own
I feel the pleasures of a star gazer
All the compassion of the body’s twisted contortions
I tried to talk sense into matrimony
But it still died and went by the wayside
I am trying to let go of your eyes even though I secretly despise
I am conflicted
I let go of time and space
Of disgrace
I stand tall
My heart feels like it is wrapped up into barbed wire
Yet still I stand tall
I will not fall
I call not dive into the eternal abyss
I drift into a thunderess rhapsody
I pray
The solemn tunes of God’s great ear play out to me
I long to hold my face against the wind
To ride horses
To be a water lily oscillation
To gather clouds within my arms
To love unconditionally all the sentient beings
I forgive you old friend
For the beats you applied against my skin
Formidable I raise above all this
But it’s time my poor old heart moves on
Its tender absence can no longer hold onto such disgrace
So for now I speak to all notorious historic beings
My hour has come
I stand tall
Forgive me for I can longer handle this matrimonial disgrace
Goodbye old friend and good luck
May merriment follow you always

The playing Cards Table


 For Magpie Tales-The playing cards table by Hala Al-Logaha Hand


The playing cards table is neatly stacked against me

Its perpetual dream tells me that I am a stranger to myself

I need not handle my skin, my chin in estranged emotion

I long for that green apple to awaken my being

For the dried rose to decompose my soul

To drift into wonder landscapes

I carefully master my master

I look deeply into his eyes and I realize his soul still belongs to me

I am his caretaker

His stop on the railroad

I lay out these cards and I stare predominately into viewless space

Without disgrace

I proclaim I am free of you

I am free to be a realized woman

To walk strong on these streets

To walk proud and alone

And for that my friend I end, I end this daggle monster and I cry in the recesses of my mind

Won’t these drugs recognize me?

Won’t the pain medication make me forget?

Yes it will and I will survive and thrive and for that my friend we remain united to the endImage

Reflecting a State of Mind

Reflecting a state of mind


Night calls

It is a perspiring wasteland

The effervescent heat of this land

I feel within the heavy rains of floating dreams

It seems it lasts a lifetime to find one’s center

To be uplifted

To not let open wounds knock us into oblivion

It is a copacetic playground

Masterminding existence

Where do we drift?

Where do we belong?

Kids all grown

Love dying

Do we carry on?

Is a celibate marriage worth sacrificing your essence?

Blatant wrongs


Thrown to the floor face first

Should I bleed?

Or go bloody mad?

Will the wily man win?

When will my redeemer arrive?

Save my soul from eternal destruction

I swivel in this chair

I don’t want to keep destroying my child’s eyes with these fights

Shall I eschew my mate?

I am lachrymose

I can’t breathe in any more pain

He is parsimonious with me

No lover can I call him

No friend

Maybe now a terrifying foe

All my ideas, my being is impugn to him




I fall

Maybe I’ll write blazonry poems to him

Press his thighs with the heat of this night

No I recoil

I am mutinous

A stranger to myself

He says I am slothful

My heart is dangling on a string

Barely hanging on in this once blissful home

Maybe I’ll just become a pagan

A Buddhist or a Beatnik

Then hatred will surely be his snare

Better to walk outdoors

Start again

Begin again

Yet I linger on yesterday’s dreams

Unsure if my destiny will be any better than this

His ruse allowed me to say I do

To negate my hopes and dreams

To abandon my homeland

To live this stranger’s life

Surely one day I will ensue a new love if I ever recover from this

But for now I am caught in a maelstrom of confusion

Unsure if I can even breathe through the body of dungeons lost